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FizzBuzz in the tidyverse

FizzBuzz is and old kids games Not that popular where I am from Brazil, Fizz Buzz has a simple set of rules You start counting from 1 (obviously) and when a number is a multiple of 3 you say Fizz, if the number is a multiple of 5 you say Buzz, and if the number is a multiple of both you shout FizzBuzz, And for every other case you can say the number itself, simple right?

Classification - KNN

Breast Cancer problem. This is a problem that I have trid to solve using just the old tidymodels package and got stuck so here is the new implementation using the amazing tune and workflows packages Setting up Rmarkdown root.dir = Loading Libraries library(tidyverse) ## -- Attaching packages ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tidyverse 1.3.0 -- ## <U+2713> ggplot2 3.2.1 <U+2713> purrr 0.3.3 ## <U+2713> tibble 2.1.3 <U+2713> dplyr 0.

exploratory data analysis: basic statistical inference

exploratory data analysis: basic pandas and dplyr

This is an basic example of how you can use either R or Python to accomplish the same goals, I really enjoy using the tidyverse but as you will see sometimes Python is just the more intuitive option. If you find yourself confused on whether a code chunk is an R or Python code please ask me or check my github page for this project. 1 Getting Started, we will use multiple functions from both languages 1.